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Sunina Young is a Master Megaformer Instructor, and Mind Body Skin YouTube Vlogger.

“I believe in the luxury of higher thoughts, movement, and self-care for the mind, body, skin.” -Sunina Young.

Originally from New York City, Sunina now resides in Miami, FL as a Master Megaformer instructor, YouTube Vlogger, and a mom of 3 + wife.

Sunina specializes in self-care workshops like Face Fitness and Yoga Glow for events, teaching The Lagree Method on the Megaformer, and creating both personal and branded content on her YouTube channel.

Sunina has been featured in print like Cosmoplitan and Brides Magazine. She has been commissioned for athletic brands like Nike and Carbon 38. She has also been a featured personality in advertisements for beauty brands like Clinique, Glow Recipe for Sephora, and Garnier USA. You may also read interviews covering Sunina’s wellness lifestyle in online publications like Pibuu Page, Miss Bish, and The Klog.

Sunina has an exceptional ability to cleanse, uplift, and inspire self-actualization through movement in class, as well as to an audience worldwide with engaging YouTube tutorials and authentic beauty, fitness, and travel vlogs. Just ask her Sunibabes!


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